3 levels of access are defined for notifications, so that citizens and companies can access them:

  • LOW : They can access with any of the mechanisms available for authentication to e-Notum, including idCAT Mobile obtained by Internet, password of the own e-Notum and Cl @ ve PIN of basic level, with registration based on the shipment a zip code to the user's home address.
  • SUBSTANTIAL : They can access with any mechanism except those categorized as LOW, that is, they can access with idCAT Mobile accredited with certificate, in person or video identification, Cl @ ve PIN with face-to-face registration or digital certificate, Cl @ ve Permanente or Certificates digital signatures of advanced signature (in software). Examples: idCAT, TCAT-P, FNMT of Individual.
  • ALT : They can be accessed only with high-level categorized mechanisms, that is, qualified certificates of qualified electronic signature (in secure device of creation of qualified signature). Examples: DNIe, T-CAT.

This level is set when the notification is created.