The minimum technical requirements that citizens and companies that use the electronic notification service must meet are the following:

1).- Supported browsers: regarding browsers, visit this link to inform you

2).- Digital certificates: if you access with a digital certificate, check that:

  • has a valid digital certificate issued by any of the certification entities classified by the AOC Consortium.
  • has installed the public keys and the software indicated by the issuing certification authority of the digital certificate. If it is a digital certificate issued by CATCert, you can download the public keys.
  • In case of doubts or technical problems with the digital certificate, contact the issuing certification body of your digital certificate
  • The security level of the certificate is adequate to access the notification according to your access level

3).- Check security restrictions in corporate environments: in some corporate environments and for security reasons, the firewall can impose access restrictions to websites and applications. In this case, check with the company's security manager that you can access