From AOC Support we can only help you with notification access.

For information on how to respond to the notification you received or if you have any doubts about its content , contact the organization that sent it to you. We provide you with the addresses of the electronic offices of some administrations in case you do not have the contact:

    • Generalitat and Organizations dependent on the Generalitat : you can contact them through 012 or the Gencat contact page.
    • Tax authorities: You can contact them through their electronic offices.
    • City Councils, Regional Councils, Provincial Councils , etc.: you can contact them through their electronic offices .

Electronic notifications can have the following statuses:

  • In due time: the notification is available and pending to be opened and its content accessed.
  • Opened : the notification has been voluntarily opened by the recipient within the time limit established to do so and therefore, it is recorded as completed.
  • Expired : the notification is recorded as completed, because although it has not been opened by the recipient within the period established to do so, it has already ended.
  • Rejected : the notification has not been opened, but has been voluntarily rejected by the recipient, and therefore, it is recorded as having been made. (This express or tacit rejection is only possible in notifications also sent by post, where you can indicate to the postman or wallet that you do not wish to receive the notification).

Therefore, the notifications, once available and depending on the deadline for their access, can be listed as pending (on time), or as completed (open, expired or rejected).

How do these states translate into legal terms?

In the citizenship portal, the states have been translated into plain language, easier and more understandable for users, and although the evidence shows the states described below:

  • Deposited >> corresponds to “ In term
  • Practiced >> corresponds to " Open "
  • Rejected (without access) >> corresponds to “ Expired
  • Rejected (expressly or tacitly) >> corresponds to “ Rejected