The minimum technical requirements that must be met by citizens and companies using the electronic notification service are the following:

1).- Supported browsers: In relation to browsers, please visit this link for information

2).- Digital certificates: if you access with a digital certificate, you must check that:

  • you have a valid digital certificate issued by any of the certification entities classified by the AOC Consortium.
  • you have installed the public keys and software indicated by the certificate authority issuing the digital certificate. If it is a digital certificate issued by CATCert, you can download the public keys.
  • In case of doubts or technical problems with the digital certificate, you need to contact the certification body issuing your digital certificate
  • The security level of the certificate is appropriate to access the notification according to your access level . If the mailbox is accessed with a lower level than required, the notification will be displayed with a lock icon, indicating that accessing the notification requires a higher authentication level than the one used.

3).- Checking security restrictions in corporate environments: in some corporate environments and for security reasons, the firewall can impose access restrictions to websites and applications. In this case, you must check with the company's security manager that you can access

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