Electronic notifications are official communications from the Administration addressed to citizens, companies and entities, with all legal guarantees.

After carrying out a management or a procedure, the Administration can communicate with you through an electronic notification. You can also receive a notification related to a procedure initiated ex officio by the Administration itself (such as a penalty).

Here are the steps to access an electronic notification:

1. When the Administration notifies you, you will receive an email or SMS:

e-mail and sms of the notification.png

The email, among other information, will inform you of the access mechanism with which you can access the notification:

    • With single-use code
    • With idCAT Mobile or Cl@ve
    • With digital certificate

2 . Access the link in the email or SMS you received ("Sign in to access"):

e-mail and sms of the notification indicating where the link is.png

3. Press "access with digital identity" or " one-time code " (*) according to the access mechanism of your notification:

(*) Important . The button "Access with a single-use code" is only visible by accessing from the link in the e-mail or SMS (Not from the link of the electronic Headquarters of the entity) in notifications where the access mechanism is "One-time use code".
This is how you will see it if you access from the link in the SMS or e-mail This is how you will see it from the link that the organization makes available to you on its website

4. Identify yourself:

  • Single-use code : Choose the type and write the identification document number associated with the notification (the one indicated in the notification received by e-mail). Press "Send me a code". You will receive a code in the email or mobile phone where you received the notice of the notification, enter it on the screen and press the "Verify" button.

Screen to indicate the identification document and screen to indicate the code received.png

  • Digital identity : Log in with idCAT Mobile, with digital certificate (idCAT, DNIe..) or Cl@ve.

If you need it, you can consult more information on how the idCAT Mobile and the idCAT Certificate work.

5 . Once you've logged in, preview the notification details and press " Open Notification " to access the content.

Open the notification.png

Notification content.png

6. You can download and save the documents associated with the notification to your device:

    • The administrative act (The document you previewed from the browser) by clicking "Download notification".
    • Attachments: by clicking on "Attached documents" (if any)
    • Proof that you have opened the notification (More information on downloading the proof of access to the notification)

7. Once the notification is opened, depending on its content, you may want to make allegations, appeals, a payment, identify a driver, etc. Review the content of the notification because the issuing Administration will surely explain how to do any subsequent procedure . But if this is not the case, you have different procedures available on their website or electronic site. If you need information on how to respond to the notification, contact the Administration that notified you.

If you need more detail about accessing the notification you have received, consult Frequently asked questions for accessing electronic notifications.

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