From AOC Support we can only help you with notification access.

For information on how to respond to the notification you received or if you have any doubts about its content , contact the organization that sent it to you. We provide you with the addresses of the electronic offices of some administrations in case you do not have the contact:

Cannot set courtesy days in e-NOTUM because it is not regulated by law. However, you can contact the body issuing the notification and request the establishment of courtesy days, obtaining your consent, and, in such case, refrain from making the notification on the indicated days.

In the area of the AEAT there are "courtesy days", for which the interested party indicates a period of 30 days during which they will not be notified; but this only applies to notifications in the area of the AEAT. It is regulated by a specific rule (RD 1363/2010, of 29 October), and there is no equivalent to the common administrative procedure regulation of the Public Administrations.