The electronic notification service that AOC provides to the Catalan administrations sends notifications by SMS and e-mail, depending on the contact information provided by the citizen / company when making the procedure related to the notification.

Below we explain what the notification notices that can be received look like.

What is SMS like?

Sender of the SMS

It comes from the alias AOC (Open Administration of Catalonia)

SMS text

The text varies a little depending on the type of recipient (Citizenship, Company...), but in essence the message tells you that you have received an electronic notification and some information:

  • The name of the recipient of the notification in case it is addressed to a natural person
  • The name of the recipient company if addressed to a legal entity
  • the short link to access it*
  • the organization that sends it to you
  • the notification identifier

Electronic notification SMS explaining each part of this.jpg

The text does not contain accents to prevent the encoding of messages from adding strange characters in the body.

*Information about the SMS access link

The SMS contains a short link of the AOC (c.aoc..). When you click on the link you will access the notifications website, you can check that it is a secure site because the web address is preceded by a padlock (if you click on it you can see information about the secure connection) and https://.

browser bar with the padlock and https

What is email like?

Email sender

The email comes from the domain (e-NOTUM is the name of the electronic notification service that AOC provides to Catalan administrations).

Email content

The text will vary slightly depending on the type of recipient (Citizen, company...), but in essence it tells you that you have received an electronic notification and contains the following information:

  • "Sign in to access" button: Gives access to the notification web to proceed to sign in.
  • Recipient of the notification: It can be a natural person or a legal person.
  • Contact: In the case of a notification sent to a legal entity where a contact person has been added so that they can access the notification.
  • Issuer: The public body that sends the notification.
  • Subject: The subject of the notification reported by the administration that sends the notification.
  • Delivery date: The exact moment of making the notification available.
  • Access until: Deadline for access to the notification.
  • Access mechanism: All the access mechanisms with which the notification can be accessed will be listed.
  • id. Notification: It is a unique code that identifies the notification and can be useful if you have a problem accessing it, for example.