From AOC Support we can only help you with access to the notification.

For information on how to respond to the notification you received or if you have any doubts about its content , contact the organization that sent it to you. We provide you with the addresses of the electronic offices of some administrations in case you do not have the contact:

There are 3 levels of access for notifications so that citizens and companies can access them:

  • LOW : They can access with any of the mechanisms available for authentication to e-Notum, including idCAT Mobile obtained from the Internet, e-Notum's own password and basic level Cl@ve PIN, with submission-based registration of a code by post to the user's address.
  • SUBSTANTIAL : They can access with any mechanism with the exception of those categorized as LOW, that is, they can access with idCAT Mobile obtained with certificate, in person or by video identification, Cl@ve PIN with in-person registration or with digital certificate, Cl@ve Permanente or Qualified digital certificates of advanced signature (in software, such as idCAT, TCAT-P, FNMT of Physical Person).
  • ALT : They can access only with high-level categorized mechanisms, that is, qualified certificates of qualified electronic signature (on secure device of creation of qualified signature (card)). Examples: DNIe, T-CAT.

This level is set by the notifying body when the notification is created.