From AOC Support we can only help you with access to the notification.

For information on how to respond to the notification you received or if you have any doubts about its content , contact the organization that sent it to you. We provide you with the addresses of the electronic offices of some administrations in case you do not have the contact:

If you detect that there is an error in the notification or if you have doubts about its content , you must contact the body that issued it.

If you have changed the contact details for receiving notifications (e-mail or telephone number) you must also contact the administration with which you had started any administrative procedure. Each administration is responsible for the data of those notified.

Both in the warning message received by e-mail and/or telephone and in the notification itself, it is indicated which was the public administration or body that issued the notification. You will need to contact this administration directly to clarify any issue related to the notification.

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